About us

Car care is our passion!

To have the care of your automotive piece of jewelery crowned with success, not only the application process should be high grade, but also the quality of the products used.
The certainty to hold a sustainable quality product in your hands is essential, and it can only be reached by knowing where the product was made, how it was made and under which conditions.

Our claim is to only deliver products that meet these requirements. We permanently monitor the production of ProfiPolish products, visit the production sites and maintain a cooperative business with our manufacturers and their employees.

Initially specialized in microfibre cloths, we have steadily expanded our know-how and product portfolio over the years. Meanwhile, we offer a variety of high quality accessories for vehicle care.

In the future we will further expand our product range to cover even more exciting car care products. Follow us on www.facebook.com/ProfiPolish.com so you will not miss anything.

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