ProfiPolish Microfiber Wash Mitt Deluxe
Item number: PPMITTDLX
Category: Microfiber
Wash temperature max. 60° C
Material 100 % Polyester

14,90 €

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Shipping time: 15 - 17 workdays

The Profipolish microfiber "Wash Mitt Deluxe" is due to its special fiber structure the perfect choice for gentle vehicle washing. The danger of scratches while washing gets reduced to a minimum.

The combination of dense short- and long-pile (70% polyester, 30% polyamide) has been proven to be the optimal solution by many tests. It absorbs on the basis of its high amount of polyamide water exceptionally well. This water can in return be released as foam. This ensures that the "Wash Mitt" glides especially gentle over the paint surface – as if on a foam blanket.

Furthermore are the long fibers able to remove dirt and grim on the paint surface through the thick layer of foam effectively.

You can profit from our know-how by testing the advanced ProfiPolish microfiber "Washmitt deluxe" - for the smoothest car wash you have ever witnessed.

Made in Korea
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