ProfiPolish Wash Mitt Thick Microfiber
Item number: PPMITT
Category: Washing
Material 100 % Polyester

12,90 €

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Shipping time: 15 - 17 workdays

Even more super strong wiping power: the ProfiPolish "Thick Microfiber Washmitt".

The "Thick Microfiber Washmitt" is an extra thick and absorbent washing mitt made from long-pile microfiber. It is equipped with a comfortable, elastic waistband. The premium material is made from 70% polyester and 30% polyamide, with over 350,000 long-pile microfiber ends per square inch.

Well suited for even faster and more effective vehicle cleaning and maintenance. It absorbs a multiple of its own weight in water. The "Washmitt" also removes grime and residues gently and thoroughly. Guaranteed scratch and hologramm-free. Fits due to comfortable and elastic knit cuffs perfectly on the hand.

Washable in washing machines.
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