ProfiPolish drying towel Twin Twister 90 cm x 50 cm
Item number: PP917TT
Category: Drying
Colour grey
Weight 1000 g/m²
Wash temperature max. 40° C
Material 70 % polyester / 30 % polyamide
Dimensions 90 cm x 50 cm

17,40 €

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The new ProfiPolish drying towel Twin Twister is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a "state of the art" drying towel with high water absorption capacity, which is also gentle to the paint. Like almost the entire ProfiPolish microfiber range, the Twin Twister is also produced in Korea.

The borderless design with sewn-in edges ensures gentle drying. The material mix of 70% polyester / 30% polyamide, with a gsm value of 1000 in combination with the twisted pile fibers, is responsible for the excellent water absorption (up to 5-times of its own weight).

The double-sided twisted pile design slides smoothly over all vehicle surfaces. Dry your complete car with one towel. Dries streak-free without wiping over the same spot several times.
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