ProfiPolish drying towel Orange Babies 3.0
Item number: PP917O3
Category: Drying
Weight 550 g/m²
Wash temperature max. 40° C
Material 80 % polyester / 20 % polyamide
Dimensions 88 cm x 60 cm

14,40 €

including 19% VAT. , plus shipping

The legendary drying cloth now in new edition 3.0

Extraordinary absorbant drying towel for all sensitive surfaces. New improved version with increased weight of 550 gsm due to a new and finer yarn.
Thus, this popular cloth absorbs even more water than before.
The orange babies 3.0 is outlined with a frosted hem, that keeps the cloth from fraying and doesn't leave scratches on sensitive polish.

Please wash it once before using it for the first time. Only then can it unleash its full absorbing power.
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