ProfiPolish polishing pad DA soft cut blackberry Ø 95 / 145 / 175 mm
Item number: VPP95BT
Category: Polishing
Packaging unit 1 pcs 2 pcs
Thickness 25 mm
Polishing pad Ø 95 mm 145 mm 175 mm
Connection type velcro
Velcro Ø 75 mm 130 mm 155 mm
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The new ProfiPolish polishing pads are made of reticulated premium foam and are manufactured entirely in german production.

Reticulated foams are thermally fumigated and vacuumized prior to further processing, literally blasting away cell membranes. As a result, the foam thereby receives more air permeability and thus enables improved temperature control. With a lower polishing temperature, a streak-free finish can be achieved much faster. The medium cut blackberry foam is used as a polishing pad for paint corrections and has slightly more cut compared to the yellow foam.

The soft cut pad is idealy suited for fine cutting compounds and one-step polishes. The DA pad has been specially developed for use on a Dual-Action polisher.
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